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GCB staffing provides the peace of mind that only comes from calling a professional. Our only business is staffing your business.

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Our quality-focused candidate assessment process eliminates the guesswork when searching for qualified individuals for your team.

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We are experts at staffing and recruiting with more than 20 years of experience serving local employers. Acting as your workforce consultants, we find innovative strategies for increasing your bottom line.


I am doing a great job … Why is my assignment ending? No matter how good you are at  your job, if you are not there to do your job, you will be replaced.  Clients call temporary agencies because they have work that they cannot get done using their current staff.  They bring in temporary employees and if the temporary employee cannot be there, they ask that we replace the individual with someone who can. Clients have attendance policies that everyone at that site must follow.  They cannot and will ...


GCB Staffing is implementing a new “Dress for Success” policy.  We are asking that all new applicants dress as though they are going to a job interview with their most desired potential employer when they come to our office to complete the application process. Employees working in an industrial setting and those seeking work in a professional office environment will not necessarily dress alike.    Industrial applicants attire although more casual  should still meet the standards of cleanliness and be in good taste.  Not all casual clothing is suitable for the ...


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